CMR is highly experienced in carrying out refurbishment works and can operate with minimum disruption to live operational areas. We have carried out major refurbishments to hotels, public buildings, commercial buildings and railway bridges. CMR refits all electrical and mechanical systems as well as carrying out all painting and decorating works.
Case Studies:

Heuston Station

Project Description

The Admin Building at Heuston Station is one of Dublin’s best known landmarks. The interior refurbishment of this building was carried out in what is both a sensitive, historical building and a busy working office. The works involved:

  • Careful removal of high value furniture and paintings into storage
  • Erection of specially designed scaffolding in three storey main entrance staircase
  • Removal of large amount of brassware, taken off site for cleaning and repolishing and re-fitted
  • Cleaning and in situ refurbishment of marble and slate fireplaces using specialist subcontractor
  • Electrical upgrade for video conferencing in boardroom
  • Repairs to ornate cornices in boardroom and repairs to gold leaf on cornices
  • Removal of wallpaper, cross lining and hanging new wallpaper
  • Supervising and facilitating carpet replacement
  • Upgrade of air conditioning with discreet floor mounted units and additional ducts installed in floors

All works were planned and co-ordinated so as to avoid any disruption to the day-to-day operations of Iarnród Éireann’s staff and visitors.

General Electric

Project Description

Repairs to Wind Turbine Towers at Foynes, Co. Cork

Prior to commencement of repair works:

  • Inspect tower surfaces for damage & photograph damaged areas, logging tower identification numbers
  • Prepare report / CAD drawing on each tower, identifying specific areas for repair.
  • Prepare touch-up plan, dependent on level of repairs required, i.e. top coat only damaged / top coat & intermediate coat damaged / entire coating system damaged with steel exposed.

Repair works:

  • Abrade damaged surfaces and surrounding areas to form a key to ensure a good adhesion surface before application of paint
  • Where top coat only damaged—apply top coat to required thickness
  • Where intermediate & top coats damaged—apply intermediate and top coats to required thicknesses
  • Where entire coating system damaged / steel exposed—apply primer, intermediate and top coats to required thicknesses

Progress photographs and reports were required to be submitted to the Client as the works progressed.

Ashford Castle

Project Description

Ashford Castle in Mayo has an unsurpassed international reputation for providing guests with the very finest accommodation. Each guest room is individual. Out of the 83 we have carried out refurbishment to a total of 49 rooms and 48 bathrooms. Carried out over two seasons the works involved:

  • Strip out and demolition of bathrooms and bedrooms, removal of sanitary ware, tiles, electrical wiring and plumbing
  • Replacement of cornices
  • Rewiring of all electrical cabling
  • New plumbing pipework
  • New tiling in en suite bathrooms
  • Installation of new sanitary wear
  • Painting and wallpapering
  • Wall and floor tiling to bathrooms
  • New carpets and soft furnishings to bedrooms including curtains
  • Repairs and replacement of timber sash windows
  • Firestopping

Ashford Castle is a listed building so particular care was taken to avoid contamination or pollution of the existing structures and surfaces. All repair and restoration was carried out in accordance with listed building requirements. All works carried out with detailed planning and co-ordination to avoid disruption to hotel guests

Ashford Castle Cottage

Project Description

Cullens Restaurant stands on the lawns of Ashford Castle (just a stroll across the river from the hotel), and is named in honour of the late  Peter Cullen (well-respected maître d’ for more than 25 years).  Originally used as a speciality shop its conversion  involved replacement of the thatched roof and the construction of a new extension as well as a complete renovation of the interior and exterior. The works involved:

  • Removal of thatch and asbestos covering from roof
  • Replacement of the thatch
  • Construction of an extension
  • Internal walls, finishes and decoration
  • Complete re-wiring and re-plumbing and installation of  a modern heating system
  • Installation of a state-of-the-art kitchen
  • Use of traditional plastering methods to seamlessly blend old and new
  • Liscannor stonework to match existing
  • Interior conversion from shop to dining area
  • Creation of separate speciality shop
  • External paving
  • Landscaping

Photos above trace the transformation works undertaken to create an informal dining experience alongside the opulence of Ashford Castle. The attention to detail and worksmanship has resulted in a charming traditional cottage which creates the impression that it has been exactly the same for decades.